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Tracy Collins, a long term disability and ERISA attorney, specializes in the representation of claimants in disability and life insurance disputes against employers and insurance companies.  She has extensive experience in helping claimants to obtain their wrongfully denied disability or life insurance benefits.


Are you having trouble getting your insurance claims paid?

Long Term Disability Specialist

Tracy Collins devotes her legal practice to the representation of claimants who have been denied short or long term disability or life insurance benefits by their employers or insurance companies. Many of these denied disability claims and life claims are governed by a federal statute known as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act ("ERISA") of 1974. ERISA is a complex federal statutory scheme in which few attorneys choose to specialize, making it difficult for claimants to find an ERISA attorney who is competent to assist them with their claims and obtaining their ERISA disability payments.

Tracy provides initial consultations without charge and legal services can be performed on a contingency fee basis. Contact Tracy for help at 818-889-2441 or email her here.


Tracy Collin's Practice Areas

  • Recovering denied short or long term disability benefits
  • Recovering life insurance benefits
  • Assistance with claims
  • Assistance with obtaining ERISA disabililty payments.
  • Helping hundreds of claiments obtain benefits from employers an insurance companies


ERISA Common Questions

Are all group policies or plans governed by ERISA?

Most but not all, group polices and plans are governed by ERISA.  Certain group plans and policies, however, such as those sponsored by certain religious organizations, professional associations and government agencies are exempt from ERISA. read more

My disability claim was denied.  What do I do next?
The Appeals Process

Before an ERISA claimant can file a lawsuit to attempt to recoup their denied benefits, ERISA requires that the claimant or his or her counsel submit an administrative appeal to the plan administrator (or insurance company), within 180 days of the date  of the written denial of benefits. read more

Is your group disability benefit taxable?

It depends.  As of this posting in January 2013, the Internal Revenue Service provides these benefits will be taxed in the following manner:

Group disability benefits are fully taxable if the employer pays the full cost of the premium for the disability insurance; or the employee pays for the full cost of the premium with pre-tax dollars; or read more.

What is disability coverage and do I have it?

Disability coverage is intended to pay replace a portion of your work earnings if you suffer an illness or injury which prevents you, either temporarily or permanently, from continuing to work. The coverage may be obtained in one of two ways. It may be purchased directly by you from an insurance company or it may be offered to you as a benefit of your employment by your employer. read more.

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